Post date: Jul 14, 2012 8:37:12 AM

The Gabriella Schopper Hungarian Lupus Group would like to announce az international photography competition under the title Lupus – AS I See It. The competition proposes to give opportunity to everyone to present his best works. Particularly we are waiting for such photos that depict patients with autoimmune or rheumatological diseases in the way how the creator sees it. Symbols (butterfly, wolf, etc.) typical of SLE can also be presented.

The aim of the competition: to draw attention to SLE and the challenges of living together with these diseases. Information about lupus can be found on the websites and

Conditions of participation, informations

1. The competition is open to everybody independently of profession, age or habitation.

2. One competitor can send maximum 10 digital photos by e-mail to the e-mail address The optimal resolution of the photos sent to the competition should be 300 dpi, in image size of 20×30 cm. Files sent by e-mail should not go beyond the size of 5 Mb one by one. Creators can compete with both colour and black-and-white images. Series of shots and paper photos cannot be accepted. The costs of enlargement of the photos exhibited are covered by the one who announced the competition.

3. All competitors have to fill in an entry form. The entry form can be downloaded from here. The entry form can be sent by e-mail in *.doc, *.pdf or *.jpg format.

4. On the entry form the creator has to declare that the ones depicted on the photos made a written statement that they accept to publish photos about them. In every case the photographer is responsible for any consequences coming from possible infringement of lawful rights.

5. There is no entry fee.

6. Deadline of arrivals: November 15, 2012. 12:00 p.m.

7. Remuneration:

- First prize: Certificate + 100€ gratuity

- Second prize: Certificate + 60€ gratuity

- Third prize: Certificate + 30€ gratuity

- First special prize: Certificate + National Geographic book

- Second special prize: Certificate + National Geographic book

8. Time of evaluation: November 17 – 30, 2012.

The chair of the jury is Zoltan Purgel, the chair of the Gabriella Schopper Hungarian Lupus Group. Zoltan Purgel is a lupus patient and an active photographer whose photos have already been awarded both in Hungary and abroad. The last time he had achieved result was in the Hungarian competition of National Geographic. His nature photo got into the category of „The Best 100 Hungarian Photo”.

The members of the jury:

- Elek Papp, photographer (MFIAP, Hungarian Association of Photographers, The Photographer of the Year 2001)

- Béla Szabó, photographer (EFIAP, Hungarian Association of Photographers, Canon Pro Club vice-chair)

- Márta Szabó, photographer (AFIAP, E-MAFOSZ)

- Reconciliation with the other members of the jury is pending.

9. Announcement of results: December 1, 2012. 04:00 p.m. in Budapest, at the Head Office of the National Health Insurance (OEP), Váci Rd. 73/A. The inauguration of prizes will take place during the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

10. Information about the exact place and time of the exhibition will be sent by e-mail til December 1, 2012. (According to our plans the opening ceremony of the exhibition will take place on December 15, 2012, in Budapest.)

11. The one who announced the competition can use the photos sent to the competition in a free-of-charge way in publications connected to it.

The exhibited photos will be published without any modification on our in small resolution and in the first issue of our magazine Pillangó in 2012 in a printed way. Naturally the name of the creator will be indicated. The creator can exclaim against publication on the entry form.

More details visit: